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Challenger 3500 cabin secures design accolade

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Bombardier’s Challenger 3500 aircraft has been named as the Grand Winner in the industrial design transportation category at the 15th edition of the Grands Prix du Design.

The international award recognizes excellence in design and celebrates the talented professionals who inspire through their creative vision.

“I am delighted that the new Challenger 3500 aircraft has once again been recognized for its innovative and exceptional cabin design,” said Éric Martel, president and chief executive, Bombardier. “Our talented team at Bombardier designed and crafted the industry-leading Challenger 3500 business jet for our discerning customers, offering them what they look for most in a business jet – an unprecedented cabin experience.”

Launched in 2021, the Challenger 3500 business jet is the industry’s best super mid-size jet and the latest evolution of Bombardier’s best-selling Challenger platform. Bombardier says the new Challenger 3500 aircraft introduces a redesigned cabin interior unlike any other in a medium-category business jet, combining intelligent and sustainable cabin features that offer the ultimate in comfort and function.

The Challenger 3500 business jet includes Bombardier’s exclusive and patented Nuage seat as part of the aircraft’s standard configuration. Other new baseline features include the industry’s first voice-controlled cabin to manage lighting, temperature and entertainment systems, the first wireless chargers available throughout the cabin, and the only 24-inch, 4K display in its class. In the cockpit, Bombardier introduced a standard-equipped autothrottle system to the Challenger 3500 flight deck.

The Challenger 3500 aircraft is the first business jet in the super mid-size segment to have an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), which discloses fully transparent environmental information about a product’s life cycle, such as CO2 emissions, noise, water consumption and other key environmental impact indicators. In addition to the EPD, customers are given the option to choose from a selection of high-end sustainable materials for the cabin.

This year’s Grands Prix du Design winners in the Product, Interior Design and Communication and Branding categories were announced at a gala ceremony in Québec City on September 16, 2022.

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