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Collins Aerospace appointed global distribution partner for Inmarsat’s Swiftjet

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Collins Aerospace has become a global distribution partner for Inmarsat’s Swiftjet inflight connectivity service which is due to enter commercial service this year.

The connectivity tech will offer the fastest ever speeds over L-band for the global business aviation market, it is claimed.

Raytheon Technologies’ Collins Aerospace has a long-standing partnership with Inmarsat and the latest agreement represents an expansion of their

Customers can now talk to Collins Aerospace, along with their preferred installation providers and aircraft manufacturers, about SwiftJet price plans, service contracts, upgrade feasibility, and more.

Kai Tang, Inmarsat head of business aviation, said “We know that our business aviation customers crave the certainty that quality inflight connectivity can provide, whether their passengers are working, streaming, or video-calling from 30,000 feet.

“We are thrilled customers can now talk to one of our most trusted partners, Collins Aerospace, about bringing SwiftJet’s ground-breaking capabilities onto their jets later this year.”

Nazeif Habboub, programs director of business aviation services at Collins Aerospace, said: “We’re excited to be bringing Inmarsat’s innovative SwiftJet service to our business aviation customers, who we know crave reliable high-speed connectivity every time they fly.

“SwiftJet speeds are set to far exceed what L-band can currently deliver, and will give our passengers more opportunities to run their businesses, be entertained, and stay connected to loved ones from the skies.

“Inmarsat’s global coverage and advanced capabilities offer a level of connectivity that can be achieved anytime, anywhere.

“We look forward to speaking to many of our business aviation customers about bringing SwiftJet’s innovation to their aircraft, and to seeing it take to the skies very soon.”

Powered by Inmarsat’s ELERA satellite network, SwiftJet offers seamless global coverage across flight routes and maximum speeds of 2.6Mbps, up to six times faster than Inmarsat’s existing L-band business aviation connectivity service, SwiftBroadband (SBB).

This provides operators with certainty that their passengers will receive consistent, reliable connectivity for both business or leisure purposes.

SwiftJet will allow passengers to create a secure ‘office in the sky’, with enhanced capabilities for video calls, web browsing, email, texting, cloud-syncing, collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams. It is also fast enough to enable social media and video streaming like YouTube, previously challenging over L-band.

The service will use advanced hardware that can be equipped on a broad range of aircraft, including smaller jets, and also supports cockpit and safety services.

For thousands of existing business aviation customers using Inmarsat’s SBB service, there will be a seamless, natural upgrade path through minimal changes to the installed equipment.

New customers will also experience the same ease of installation as with any Inmarsat L-band terminal.

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