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Coronavirus: Frasers Aerospace proposes antibacterial product to combat covid-19

antibacterial product coronavirus: Frasers Aerospace

UK-based aircraft material solution provider Fraser Aerospace has been “working around the clock” to deliver a regular supply of a powerful antibacterial product to its partners and aerospace customers across the globe to combat coronavirus (covid-19).

Bacoban for Aerospace is an effective treatment for continuous disinfection of aircraft cabins.

For Fraser Aerospace director Bryan Ribbans, the antibacterial product has the advantage over typical disinfectants in that it lasts for 10 days after being applied to a surface, combatting most germs and viruses as they come in to contact.

He comments: “We have always believed that this product is essential on the war on germs and viruses in the aerospace industry, and of course the pandemic outbreak of Covid-19 has, sadly, proved the point.”

Once applied to a surface, Bacoban for Aerospace establishes an ultra-thin nanolayer with a lasting effect. The technology used is a sol-gel process that develops a solid gel nanolayer.

The biocides used to kill germs and viruses are embedded in the porous structure of the sponge-like sol-gel and are washed out again slowly when coming into contact with water (bacteria, enveloped viruses, and fungi are always surrounded by water).

Demand for Bacoban for Aerospace has been “extremely high” since the outbreak of the covid-19 virus pandemic, observes Ribbans.

He adds: “our dedicated in-house team, as well as our production manufacturers, have been working seven days a week to fulfil orders and will continue to do so to meet the demands of our customers and help them fight against the coronavirus”.

Of course, following disinfection of the cabin, the first passenger to board who is carrying the virus could re-infect the aircraft, allowing the virus to spread. Such a problematic scenario “has now been reduced by the use of Bacoban for Aerospace,” affirms Ribbans.

He continues: “We have also introduced a fogging formula that allows airlines, or even airports, to treat large areas. Entire aircraft cabins can be cleaned in a short time with this method.

“And for the airlines, when the time is right and route flying recommences, their customers can then use their services knowing they have greater protection against transmission of the virus from sharing door handles, dinner trays and so on.”

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