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Coronavirus: Kaelis launches PPE kit for travellers

Kaelis: coronavirus travel safety

Leading independent provider of onboard products Kaelis Group has designed a Self-Protective Pocket Pouch for travellers to protect them against coronavirus (covid-19) when they travel.

The kit includes essential protective equipment, including a mask, gloves, hand sanitiser and alcohol wipes. It can also include more products from Kaelis’ range of PPE products and can be customised to fit any airline company’s branding.

In a statement, the company said: “The global outbreak of covid-19 has put the world on hold for several weeks now. As time moves forward, a light is shining through and we can see life outside the quarantine.

“We are aware that once the travel industry starts operating again, new rules will apply in order to assure crew and travellers’ safety.

“That is why Kaelis has designed the Self-Protective Pocket Pouch (SP.3), including the most important Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) including a mask, gloves, hand sanitiser and alcohol wipes. The pouch can also include more products from our wide range of PPE.

“The pouch can be customised in shape, colour and materials in order to fit any company’s identity and can include an information leaflet with information about how to prevent the spread of the virus. It is also a great time to make changes to move towards a sustainable future, so eco-friendly, biodegradable and washable pouches are available.

“The contribution of all of us is essential for reducing the risk and guaranteeing the security of all individuals.”

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