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Deutsche Aircraft selects further D328eco suppliers

Bucher Leichtbau has signed an agreement with Deutsche Aircraft to be their supplier for Galleys and Partitions for the new D328eco cabin.

This new contract will allow Bucher to play a key development and manufacturing role in Deutsche Aircraft’s new eco-efficient airplane. With the D328eco, a new 40-seat turboprop regional aircraft, the OEM will accelerate the aviation industry towards new lower emissions with its new engines, which will be certified for synthetic fuel.

Bucher’s time-to-market capabilities, supply chain resilience, sustainability across the life-cycle of the product and commercial competitiveness were important key factors in being awarded this contract. The investments in innovations over the past years and the recognition of market requirements as well as the demand for sustainable solutions underscore  Bucher’s  trustworthiness, effective and lean communication channels as well as its agile structure.

Commenting on the new contract, Beat Burlet, Chief Executive Officer of Bucher, said: With our range of proven, innovative and sustainable products for the aircraft cabin, we believe that Bucher is a natural fit for Deutsche Aircraft. We are honored to sign this contract for a longstanding supplier partnership with Deutsche Aircraft and look forward to enhancing the passenger and crew experience with our range of interior products.”

Nico Neumann, COO of Deutsche Aircraft added: “Since the beginning of discussions Bucher has shown a clear understanding of our requirements. Their decades-long know-how regarding cabin interior monuments and lightweight construction, whilst being open-minded regarding innovation and the high finishing quality on the product makes them the perfect partner for the galley and partitions for the D328eco. The D328eco will change the way we fly and help reduce our carbon footprint.”

Bucher’s long-established philosophy to build lighter and more reliable products helps airlines and operators to reduce their CO2 emissions. A weight saving of more than 30% has been achieved by using less material on Bucher’s Partitions. Furthermore all of Bucher’s products are designed for a life span of over 20 years and require very few spare parts.

Also the aspect of recyclability at a product’s end-of-life must be taken into account. Bucher Galleys are made of over 65% aluminum. After a useful life span of over 20 years these aluminum components can be recycled through a remelting process that only consumes 5% of the initial energy used to produce the primary aluminum. 75% of the total aluminum ever produced worldwide is still in use. Recycling 1 ton of aluminum saves 6 tons of bauxite and 9 tons of CO2 emissions. Globally, recycling aluminum saves more than 100 million tons of CO2 each year. Bucher will continue build lightweight and reliable products and increase the use of recyclable and recycled materials.

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