Diehl Aerospace partners with Axinom to unlock power of the Cloud

Diehl Aerospace, a joint venture between Diehl Aviation and Thales, is collaborating with software solutions provider Axinom to use its On-Board Cloud system on the CANSAS (Cabin Area Network Systems and Services) cabin management system.

Axinom On-Board Cloud is a robust and standardised software infrastructure that centralises the management and deployment of any digital service on aircraft. It consists of on-ground and on-board components and leverages Axinom Sync to facilitate bi-directional data synchronisation.


The combined offering unlocks countless passenger and cabin use cases, including wireless sensors, smart passenger service units, portable electronic device integration, galley and lavatory controls, or other cabin functions, including the integration of third-party applications. The isolated deployment and strict control of User-Modifiable Software (UMS) services eliminate certification hurdles and enable fast time to market. Axinom On-Board Cloud offers a future-proof foundation with the flexibility to bring in more use cases over time without re-certification.

“The CANSAS cabin management platform provides an unprecedented level of modularity and flexibility with a control panel for all aircraft functions related to the cabin,” says Marc Renz, Head of Sales & Business Development Cabin Systems at Diehl Aerospace. “We wanted to achieve a strong base that is reliable and hassle-free when integrating functionalities for the cabin, and we found Axinom with its On-Board Cloud to be the perfect partner.”

“Axinom On-Board Cloud offers a unified solution to manage digital services on-ground, and offers granular control over service deployment and orchestration on-board. By leveraging the open infrastructure of Axinom On-Board Cloud, Diehl can streamline the deployment of novel cabin use cases,” said Ralph Wagner, Axinom chief executive.

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