El Al airline renovates 737-800 Fleet

El Al

Israel’s national airline, El Al, has recently completed the renewal and altered the configuration of 13 aircraft in its fleet.

“In addition to acquiring new Boeing 787 Dreamliners, the airline has completed an unprecedented upgrade of our 737-800 fleet that serves European destinations,” says El Al CEO’s Gonen Usishkin.

“A substantial improvement of the flight experience for our customers and increased efficiency in the aircraft configuration will enable El Al to be more competitive.”

Renewal and changes in the aircraft’s interior includes new seats in business and economy class; a redesign and replacement of partitions, carpets and curtains and the replacement off fluorescent lighting with bluish LEDs; a widely varied selection of on-demand entertainment content, via the DreamStream streaming system, viewed on passengers’ personal devices; charging outlets and a stand for tablets and smartphones on every seat; and replacement of the upper storage bins with new bins that hold extra hand baggage.

Aircraft configuration

As part of the change in configuration, 12 new seats have been added to economy class by reducing the storage area in the rear galley, adding a new partition between business class and economy and installation of new slim seats.

Business Class now offers 16 new MiQ seats by Collin Aerospace, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of airline seats. The seats, designed and created with advanced technology, feature ergonomic headrests and offer full support of neck, back and legs. Business Class seats offer a 42-inch pitch and 10-inch recline.

For the convenience of passengers, the seats include charging outlets that feature a USB-A 115V outlet. Moreover, passengers can enjoy the use of stands for their tablets/smartphones for viewing entertaining content on their personal devices. The new seats offer improved living space and recline as compared to the previous business class seats.

Economy class offers 150 new Meridian seats by Collins Aerospace. With an additional row of preferred seats (18 in total), premium passengers, or passengers who purchased entitlement to these seats at a premium, can enjoy expanded comfort.

The remaining Economy Class seats offer a pitch of 29-30 inches and a recline of three inches. The use of ergonomic, advance geometry seats is said to afford “an enhanced experience” as compared to the previous configuration.

Backrests are equipped with stands for tablets/smartphones so passengers can view entertainment content through the DreamStream system from their personal devices. Economy Class passengers benefit from personal charging outlets including USB-A and C outlets.

The newly-introduced Silhouette Move cabin divider enables maximum recline of the backrest for passengers in the last row of business class.

Due to the fact that the partition does not go all the way to the floor, it provides improved legroom and under-seat stowage for passengers in the first row of economy class. According to the airline, El Al is the first airline in the world to install such a partition on its aircraft.

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