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FACC creates antimicrobial coating for cabins

FACC antimicrobial

FACC has created an antimicrobial surface coating for aircraft cabins, named Pure Cabin.

It says that Pure Cabin offers passengers a relaxed and carefree flight experience in compliance with the highest safety standards. FACC will present the innovation to the market at MRO Americas taking place end April in Orlando, USA.

It claims that it has developed a solution that effectively and sustainably frees surfaces from all types of viruses, bacteria and fungi, and gives passengers back a carefree flight experience.

“Pure Cabin not only enables new, and even higher, hygiene standards to be achieved – passengers can now once again embark on their journey completely relaxed without worrying, and enjoy their flight. This also means having a good feeling about stowing their luggage in the overhead compartments, making themselves comfortable in their seat, folding down their seat table, adjusting the light and much more besides,” explains FACC CEO, Robert Machtlinger.

FACC antimicrobial

The permanent photocatalytic surface solution by FACC is based on the TiO2 plus metal complex and was developed for line-fit cabin products and retrofit cabin applications. Pure Cabin is completely harmless to health: the substances are neither toxic nor biocide-based. Moreover, it can be applied to all surfaces: whether laminate, leather, metal, injection molding, fabrics or other materials – the special solution guarantees that virtually all viruses are eliminated in less than 10 minutes – and for up to one year.

After cleaning the surfaces, the solution is applied to the respective material and left for five minutes, after which the enclosed special lamp can be used to check whether all areas have been reached. The effectiveness of Pure Cabin has been checked and confirmed by means of a professional, standardised ISO test procedure carried out by independent laboratories such as OFI, the company says.

“As a high-tech company with a claim to leadership, we are constantly striving to develop further. Pure Cabin not only contributes significantly to flight safety – even after the end of the corona pandemic – but also strengthens our solid position in the growing field of aftermarket services,” concludes FACC vice-president of aftermarket surfaces, Christian Mundigler. “Our goal is to make the mobility of the future even safer by means of innovative solutions such as Pure Cabin, and to create travel experiences that make all the difference,”


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