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Finnair launches virtual reality flights to see Santa


Finnair has announced it is launching virtual reality flights to see Santa in Lapland.

The Finnish carrier will offer eight ‘flights’ from 25 December using VR to transport lucky families and children to visit Santa in his hometown of Rovaniemi.

Finnair says the flights are created by Finnish VR studio Zoan using one of the most advanced real-time 3D graphics tools, Unreal Engine, and virtual customers can enjoy the flight on their mobile phones or laptops where they will experience the thrill of sitting in Finnair’s comfortable Nordic Business Class. They can also use a VR headset that can access a web browser and open a video.

During the ‘flight’, customers can enjoy refreshments served by Finnair’s cabin crew, admire the starry skies and gaze upon the northern lights from their ‘seat’. After landing in the wintry city of Rovaniemi, customers will be able to cross the Arctic Circle and enter Santa’s cabin to meet Santa Claus himself.

The duration of each VR flight is around 30 minutes and costs €10 per person, with all proceeds going towards UNICEF’s work to slow the spread of Covid-19 and minimise the pandemic’s impact on children worldwide. Seats can be reserved from the Finnair Shop.

Mikko Turtiainen, Finnair’s VP of global sales commented: “Thanks to the magic of virtual reality, Finnair can ‘fly’ families to Rovaniemi in Lapland – despite the travel restrictions – to enjoy a winter wonderland and meet Santa. I hope this brings a big smile to those participating.

“As Santa’s official airline, we’re excited to harness modern technology to create a truly memorable holiday experience.

“Our customers around the world will be able to enjoy the timeless wonder and holiday cheer of Finnish Lapland from the comfort of their own homes, while enjoying the thrill of sitting in Finnair Business Class. We hope it will inspire them to travel again once the time is right.”


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