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Jamco reveals world’s first hands-free lavatory door


Jamco Corporation has revealed its new, hands-free lavatory lock knob and door handle.

Developed in collaboration with All Nippon Airways (ANA), the hands-free lavatory lock knob and door handle are low-cost items and can be installed simply overnight by airlines to the existing lavatories without major modification.

The solution allows  passengers to use their forearm or elbow to open the lavatory door and return to their seats with their hands remaining clean.

The hands-free products are expected to be launched soon with ANA, furthering the ANA Care Promise, the company’s commitment to ensure health and safety of passengers with hygienic environments in airports, lounges and onboard aircraft.

Jamco says that, in the wake of Covid-19, touchless, hygienic cabin interiors support passengers’ need for safety during travel. Keeping hands clean by frequently washing with soap and water helps prevent infection and the new hands-free lavatory door system can assure passengers can exit the lavatory with their hands clean, helping stop the spread of illness.

Many aircraft interior suppliers have proposed a variety of solutions that address travel safety during the Covid-19 crisis but according to Jamco, as of today, Jamco’s hands-free lavatory door system is the only product worldwide to roll out a demonstration with an airline.

Jamco’s hands-free lavatory door technology, in development with ANA Care Promise, and other concepts of the company’s “Project Blue Sky” initiative are designed to increase cabin cleanliness and to alleviate passenger stress during air travel, both critically important in the current situation.

Jamco has the unique position of being the lavatory and galley supplier for a variety of aircraft. The company is the sole original equipment lavatory and galley supplier for the 787 aircraft. Jamco welcomes all airlines to take on the opportunity to implement hands-free lavatory door technology.

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