Aircraft Cabin Management

Live and online: Aircraft Cabin Management, December 2021

Welcome to the latest issue of Aircraft Cabin Management, which features an in-depth look at what can the airline industry do within the cabin to reduce its carbon footprint and overall effect on the environment.

Aircraft Cabin Management Nov-Dec 2021
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Also in the issue:

  • The air that we breath – Cabin air can be extremely dry and cause dehydration. We look at air filters, humidifiers and how best to keep passengers fresh.
  • Connecting the dots – The latest developments in satellite communication and antenna design are driving cabin changes and reducing fuel burn.
  • Staying connected – Onboard connectivity solutions are not just a benefit to passengers, they also enable airlines to profit more while wasting less.
  • The ultraviolet revolution – UV sanitisation reduces the reliance of environmentally damaging chemicals.
  • Waste not, want not – How catering suppliers are helping airlines to reduce waste and weight.
  • The future of first class – The airline market is predicted to change and some pundits are predicting the demise of first class travel. We look at the possible scenarios and how airlines can adapt 

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