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AIX23: Mirus Aircraft Seating unveils ‘revolutionary’ long-range economy seat, the Falcon

Mirus Aircraft Seating has revealed its new long-range economy seat, the Falcon, at this year’s Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg.

The Falcon features a slimline seatback designed to maximise living space, incorporating Mirus’ signature simplicity and elegance to enhance comfort in the economy cabin.

Designed to meet the diverse demands of ultra-low-cost to premium carriers, the Falcon represents Mirus’ fully integrated industrial design approach.

Ben McGuire, chief executive of Mirus, said: “In line with our zero-compromise mentality with regards to the maximisation of passenger living space and comfort, the Falcon has a fully integrated industrial design approach and a sleek, modern look.”


With a focus on long-range economy flights, the Falcon is the first Mirus seat to support in-flight entertainment technology, along with a generous 15″ seat recline.

McGuire added: “The Falcon is testament to our mission to enhance the onboard experience of the economy class passenger at the intersection of the demands of commercial airlines.”

The seat features an articulated seat pan, a six-way adjustable headrest, and a lightweight hybrid composite seatback structure, ensuring passenger comfort while providing weight-saving benefits for airlines.

By incorporating lightweight materials, the Falcon enables airlines to implement weight-saving measures, reducing fuel consumption and overall carbon footprint.

The Falcon comes with the option of the Mirus Care extended warranty, which significantly lowers the lifetime cost of ownership and means that airlines can expect a return on their investment within a few years.

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