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Panasonic Avionics and Nelco partner for inflight connectivity service

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Panasonic Avionics Corporation has announced an agreement with Nelco to provide satellite connectivity services to customers flying into India and over Indian airspace.

The agreement makes Panasonic the first satellite communications provider to begin inflight connectivity (IFC) operations under Nelco’s Department of Telecommunications licence for In-Flight and Maritime Connectivity (IFMC), in accordance with the Flight and Maritime Rules.

As a result, Panasonic, and its subsidiary ITC Global, now offer connectivity to both aircraft and maritime vessels operating within India.

According to Panasonic Avionics Corporation’s CEO Ken Sain, “becoming the first satellite communications provider to offer services over India is a major milestone for [us].

“We are delighted to be partnering with Nelco and are proud to offer our valued customers the ability to change the way people stay connected in flight, at sea and in remote locations around the world.”

As long as regulatory approvals from the relevant authorities are obtained, Indian full-service carrier Vistara may become the first airline in the country to offer satellite connectivity on international flights.

Commenting on the occasion, Vistara’s chief commercial officer Vinod Kannan said: “As Vistara inches closer to launching long-haul international operations and becomes a global brand, our steadfast effort is to provide a truly world-class service to our customers to and from India.

“Our partnership with Panasonic in providing a state-of-the-art IFE system and satellite connectivity is a step in that direction, and we are confident that it will further elevate the five-star flying experience that Vistara is renowned for.”

With equipment already installed on more than 2,500 aircraft, vessels, and other platforms, Panasonic and ITC Global are already delivering connectivity services to customers in the aviation and maritime markets, providing them with access to satellite-based, high-quality broadband internet services over India.

Panasonic’s inflight connectivity service is currently offered by more than 65 airlines globally. The GSAT 14 satellite will ensure that passengers onboard Panasonic-connected flights will enjoy a full suite of connected services while flying over Indian airspace or into India. At this time, more than 700 aircraft from over 30 airlines installed with Panasonic’s connectivity solutions have begun using the GSAT 14 satellite.

“We are delighted that Nelco is leading the way in providing the long-awaited aero IFC services in the country, marking the beginning of a new chapter in passenger services for the aviation sector in India,” said Nelco CEO P J Nath.

“We are also very happy that we have forged the partnership with Panasonic Avionics in serving their customers. We foresee a great opportunity for growth in the IFC services in the country over the coming years and intend to be a leader in this market.”.

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