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Recaro Aircraft Seating reflects on 2019

Recaro Aircraft Seating

Recaro Aircraft Seating revealed breaking financial records and achieved peak production output, while staying rooted to company values last year.

“Recaro experienced significant growth in 2019, thanks to the high level of performance by team members across all of our sites,” said chief executive and shareholder at Recaro Aircraft Seating Dr Mark Hiller.

“This hard work resulted in numerous innovations in both business class and economy class seating, culminating in winning the Crystal Cabin Award at the AIX. One can’t ask for a better testimony to Recaro really raising the bar when it comes to ‘driving comfort in the sky.”

Recaro earned revenues of €600 million by the end of October 2019.

Future programmes

This was, in part, due to the company further establishing itself as a key player in the business class segment. It delivered four long-range programmes with the CL6710 business class seat to airlines around the world; including China’s largest airline, China Southern Airlines.

Numerous economy class programmes were also delivered to various carriers.

At AIX 2019, the company presented the award-winning CL3710 long-range economy class seat with sleeping comfort features.

They also presented the SL3710 short-haul economy class seat, which set a new benchmark for lightweight design; and the concept for an upgraded CL6710 business class seat with enhanced entertainment and privacy amenities.

To maintain the substantial growth experienced in 2019, the company continued with its expansion plan dubbed the “space2grow” initiative.

In China, the Recaro plant opened its newly expanded production facility; increasing the maximum production capacity of the site to 60,000 seats per year.

Sustainability at Recaro is a key focus, which – amongst others – has been celebrated by winning The City of Fort Worth’s Environmental Excellence Award.

In 2019, Recaro also introduced a brand-new environmental category to its own supplier awards programme; in order to recognise suppliers that strongly support the Recaro sustainability strategy, named Recaro Environmental Supplier Award.

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