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Recaro Aircraft Seating integrates SL3710 and BL3710 into hybrid layout on TAP Air Portugal’s new Airbus fleet

Recaro TAP

Recaro Aircraft Seating has integrated its SL3710 and BL3710 into a hybrid layout on TAP Air Portugal’s new Airbus fleet.

TAP was the first announced customer for SL3710 seat, it says, and their A320 is the first Airbus aircraft to be equipped with the economy class seat.

TAP took delivery of its new A320 in April and entered into service on May 18. In an effort to maximise efficiency, Recaro says it collaborated with TAP on the hybrid seat configuration of the SL3710 and BL3710.

“The SL3710 taking flight is a significant milestone for our partnership with TAP,” said CEO and shareholder of Recaro Aircraft Seating, Mark Hiller. “We really enjoy collaborating with TAP and value their commitment to innovation and the future of aviation.”

As the first customer whom selected the SL3710, TAP was heavily involved in the research and development phase of the new economy class seat. Weighing in at eight kilograms, the seat is the lightest in its class. The ergonomic backrest concept developed by Recaro allows for maximum comfort for passengers of all sizes. To ensure seamless integration, TAP chose to outfit the SL3710 in the same colours as the Recaro BL3530 and SL3510 aircraft seats that are currently flying on TAP aircraft.

In addition to a five-inch recline, the BL3710 features a six-way adjustable headrest with neck support that enhances passenger relaxation during flight. It also shares spare parts with the SL3710, which it claims minimises maintenance downtime and costs.

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