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RedCabin creates working group to shape future of industry

RedCabin working group

RedCabin has created a working group aimed at shaping the future of the industry in a post-pandemic world.

As the airline industry seeks to increase passenger traffic, there is still caution surrounding Covid-19 infection rates. Aviation leaders are now exploring how innovative disinfectant technologies can be utilised in cabin interiors to help rebuild passenger confidence in air travel.

Monica Wick, founder and CEO of RedCabin said: “The coronavirus outbreak has resulted in an unprecedented shift within the aviation industry. Airlines are having to adapt to this dramatic change and, naturally, passengers are cautious about their safety.

“Following the success of our previous webinar series, we are launching our virtual working groups to enable aviation leaders to come together and work collaboratively to develop new solutions which allow the industry to thrive post-Covid-19.”

RedCabin’s first virtual working group will take place on Wednesday 9 September at 5pm (CEST) and aims to understand if standards for cabin interior hygiene can be developed and how disinfectant technologies can be used most effectively onboard.

The conversation will be led by Sean Stabler, Research and Innovation Manager at Sekisui Kydexm, who has spent two decades researching materials and introducing new technologies to various industries, including aviation.

The interactive working group will combine science, perception and collaboration to help industry executives understand how the use of disinfectant technologies can maximise the cleanliness of their aircraft cabins. The agenda will include:

  • Discussions around new disinfection technologies such as UV disinfection, fogging, antimicrobial surfaces and disinfectant wipes
  • An overview of antimicrobials, microbes and disinfectants and their impact on aircraft interiors
  • An outline of the main differences between surface protection and human contact protection
  • A breakout session which will consist of attendees divided into smaller groups to develop new solutions for enhanced cabin cleanliness

For more information, visit the website, and to register, click  here.


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