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Scoot’s successfully migrates to the Lido Flight 4D system

Singapore Airlines’ low cost subsidiary Scoot has migrated to the Lido Flight 4D system through rigorous benchmarking against leading flight planning solutions.

Lido Flight 4D is a modern, integrated flight planning system developed by Lufthansa Systems that considers all relevant flight operations data and information. The system provides timely and accurate forecasts for flight times, distances, and headings, as well as real-time updates on weather and airspace conditions, all of which are based on certified, high-quality aeronautical data.

Over 25% of aircraft worldwide operate with Lido Flight 4D. The solution supports dispatchers in evaluating the optimal route, while taking current flight-related data into account. It enables airlines to optimize their flying time, costs, and fuel consumption, resulting in fuel savings of up to 5%.

Since 2002, the German company has provided Singapore Airlines with a comprehensive suite of software products and IT services, including software development, integration, testing, and maintenance with Lido Flight 4D. The airline group’s passenger network covered 109 destinations, serving 76 destinations, with a fleet of over 130 aircraft, while Scoot serves 56 destinations, with a fleet of 55 aircraft.

“Singapore Airlines is fully committed to tapping on the best tools and infrastructure to enhance our digital capabilities.” said Captain Quay Chew Eng, senior vice president, flight operations, Singapore Airlines. “Lufthansa Systems, through Lido Flight 4D, has been exemplary in its role as an IT solution provider for the last 20 years as we harness operational efficiencies in our flight operations. We look forward to the continued success in our partnership with Lufthansa Systems.”

Captain Ian Cheng, senior vice president of flight operations, Scoot, said: “At Scoot, we are always exploring new ways to enhance operations and improve the experience for our customers by adopting forefront technology. We are delighted to join SIA in integrating Lido Flight 4D into our flight planning system. This will bring about increased operational efficiencies and productivity for our dispatchers and also strengthen the synergy within the SIA Group across multiple facets, such as route monitoring and database maintenance.”

“It’s been a very long time since we’ve been in the same room, face to face. The pandemic halted many activities, but not our partnership; we continued to work together to serve our clients and customers.” stated Tom Vandendael, CEO Lufthansa Systems Asia Pacific, senior vice president.

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