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Viasat receives FAA nod for Gulfstream G450 IFC solution

The United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has approved the Viasat’s Ka-band In-flight Connectivity (IFC) solution for Gulfstream G450 aircraft.

With this supplemental type certificate (STC) awarded by the FAA, Viasat’s Ka-band connectivity system is now available on more than 20 platforms, including super mid-cabin through large cabin, long range business aircraft.

With over 300 Gulfstream G450 aircraft in the market, demand is considerable among operators for Viasat’s Wi-Fi solution, which enables similar connectivity onboard as experienced on the ground, including the ability to video conference, stream, access corporate VPN and use other business-critical applications during all phases of flight.

Viasat said this level of consistent, high-quality connectivity is made possible by Viasat’s satellite network capacity, which is designed to accommodate current and future broadband demand from increasingly data-hungry applications. In fact, it is not uncommon across Viasat’s Business Aviation Ka-band network for a single aircraft to use more than one GB per hour, with streaming and browsing primarily driving data usage.

Claudio D’Amico, Viasat’s business area director, Business Aviation, said: “Viasat’s high speed and high-quality Ka connectivity is at long last available to Gulfstream G450 aircraft operators. With over 90 percent of business aviation routes covered by our Ka network, our solution is a great fit for operators that want fast, reliable connectivity that matches the long-range profile of this aircraft.”

Gulfstream G450 aircraft operators can secure Viasat’s Ka-band IFC kit, which includes a custom radome, through Viasat’s extensive MRO dealer network. Service plans are available directly from Viasat or through one of Viasat’s Value Added Resellers and include global and regional unlimited plans for as low as $9,995 per month that feature uncapped data coupled with Viasat’s popular “No Speed Limit” Ka-band IFC. Additionally, among other options, there are entry-level service plans newly available, including a $2,795 per month regional plan that delivers Ka-band connectivity at a significant value.

Today, Viasat’s Global Aero Terminal 5510, the innovative hardware kit that enables high-speed, broadband in-flight connectivity, communicates with Viasat’s Ka-band satellite network, and will be forward compatible with the Company’s next generation ViaSat-3 constellation, a trio of satellites expected to be the highest-capacity broadband satellites ever launched.


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