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Jetlite aims to accelerate passenger well-being on board Vistara

Vistara: Jetline

The Vistara Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner fleet has been installed with Jetlite’s human-centric lighting in order to enhance passenger well-being and reduce the effects of jet lag.

The customised lighting scenes have been jointly developed by Vistara and Jetlite together with Boeing’s facility in Everett Washington. As well as the chronobiological impact of jetlag, the lighting also factors in corporate design, cultural background and the effect on CMF (colours, material and finishings).

Vistara is Asia’s first airline to use Jetlite on board, joining premium carriers such as Lufthansa to place greater focus on the positive effects of lighting on the human body.

Air travel creates considerable stress for passengers, a great part of which can be attributed to the disruption of the body’s inner clock, or circadian rhythm, leaving passengers fatigued and less productive or alert.

The use of Jetlite’s human-centric lighting in the aircraft offers a counteraction by reducing travel-related fatigue and bringing the well-being of passengers into focus. By adjusting light colour and intensity throughout flights, it encourages airline customers to adjust their sleep schedules and arrive well-rested and less jet-lagged.

“Vistara’s lighting scenes by Jetlite are based on the findings of human-centric lighting and chronobiology, backed by extensive research studies and real test flights,” commented Jetlite co-founder and MD Dr Achim Leder.

“In addition, Jetlite customises human-centric lighting solutions individually for each airline, taking factors such as corporate design, the effect on CMF and cultural background into consideration.”

Commenting on the arrangement, Vistara’s chief commercial officer Vinod Kannan said:

“Since inception, Vistara has focused on delivering an exceptional in-flight experience that enhances our customers’ wellness. Cabin lighting is one of the elements that makes this possible and we are delighted to partner with Jetlite on its cutting-edge lighting technology. This will help us to take the Vistara flying experience to the next level for travellers”.

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