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WTCOS 2024: SKYPRO pledges to work only with airlines that recycle uniforms by 2026

Crew uniform provider SKYPRO says it aims to work only with airlines that recycle their uniforms by 2026 as part of its focus on being more environmentally friendly.

Speaking to Aviation Business News at last week’s World Travel Catering and Onboard Services expo in Hamburg, the Lisbon-based firm said sustainability is its key focus.

Business development manager Raquel Pedrosa, said she was confident that SKYPRO will retain all of its existing clients as airlines also prioritise operating more sustainably.

“We are trying to bring this to all of our clients,” she said. “Everyone is invested in sustainability nowadays and they are all interested in doing something with their old uniforms.”

SKYPRO says it has been developing its expertise in sustainability long before it was a “trending topic” and believes it has a lead in the sector.

“The curiosity our client shave on sustainability and the circular economy is incredible,” said Pedrosa.

“Now airlines all have their own sustainable targets they have expectations of working with partners who can solve their problems.

“They want to know how they can save money by prolonging the lifecycle of their od uniforms. Luckily we started ages ago and we are ahead of the game.”

SKYPRO is able to take used uniforms and either turn the material back into yards that can be used to make new items like pyjamas and polo shirts.

Or they can take uniforms that have been used for a short period, like during the summer peak, and put them through a hygienic cleaning process for re-use.

As well as sustainability, SKYPRO’s other key focus is on the digitisation of crew uniform management processes to save airlines time and money.

The firm, which works with manufacturers around the world, provides a technology tool in its MySKYPRO portal that airlines use to predict uniform demand and requirements.

Pedrosa said this tool uses an algorithm which SKYPRO has developed to understand exactly what they will need and when they need it.

Crew can use the system to order uniform online, as they would on Amazon, while airline unform manager use it to oversee what can be a complicated area for carriers.

“We realised that the majority of airlines have a problem in that they do not know what they will need. Airlines need to do this in a very efficient way because it’s not their main business.”

SKYPRO says it is seeing airline taking more and more care of their uniforms at end of life so they don’t end up being reused by the general public and harm their brand image.

“Any matter related to uniforms, we want to be seen as the solution. At the end of the day for an airline uniforms are just a tool but it’s not their core business to manage that.

“But crew can’t fly without them and they are important in terms of marketing, wellbeing and the pride the crews have in what they do.

“The SKYPRO system has the benefit of knowledge of all the different airlines that use it. We are always making improvements to the system which everyone benefits from.”




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