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Xiamen’s ‘bamboo garden in the sky’ plan for cabin supplies

photo_camera Bamboo represents an alternative for some plastics, but conflicting regulations remain a problem (Pic: Xiamen Air)

China-based Xiamen Air has joined the drive towards removing single-use plastics and wood-based bleached paper in the cabin by introducing cups, food containers, napkins, air-sickness bags, gift bags and coasters all made of bamboo pulp.

The initiative, known as ‘Bamboo Garden in Clouds’ green cabin supplies will be officially implemented on the flights of Xiamen Airlines departing from Xiamen, Fuzhou, Quanzhou and Tianjin towards destinations including Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. According to the airline, this series of green cabin supplies alone will save up to 31,290 trees each year.

The R&D team repeatedly visited and investigated the supply chain and production line, and ultimately ensured that all raw materials are 100% food-grade natural bamboo, with no fluoresce or bleacher added during the production process. Where plastic has to be used for safety, such as in cups, the airline has switched to biodegradable plastic.

Later, new series of cabin supplies will gradually be adopted on all domestic flights of Xiamen Airlines, to bring green and healthy travel experience to more passengers.

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