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Yamauchi joins SEKISUI KYDEX as new chief executive

SEKISUI KYDEX has appointed Yoritaka “Taka” Yamauchi as its new chief executive.

Yamauchi joins SEKISUI KYDEX with over 18 years of experience developing his leadership skills and business acumen across multiple cultures and countries. He has an extensive background in management at SEKISUI Chemical, and will bring his understanding of both the US and Japanese working cultures together.

When asked about his first-year goals at SEKISUI KYDEX, Yamauchi said he was looking forward to focusing on both business strategy and product engineering. “Over the next year,” he said, “I will spend time understanding our product, how it’s made, and the differentiation factors, ensuring we provide the best service to satisfy customer needs.”

Educated at University of California Berkeley with a degree in business and finance, Yamauchi went on to build his career working in Vietnam, USA, Germany, and Thailand.

“The future of SEKISUI KYDEX is exciting. We will focus our efforts on enhanced quality, product diversification, and our sustainability initiatives, as part of SEKISUI CHEMICAL group and its long-term vision 2030 statement ‘Innovation for the Earth’. We are poised to deliver more than our customers can imagine,” said Yamauchi.

The KYDEX portfolio includes injection moulding resins, proprietary Infused Imaging technology, integral special effects, unique textures, and custom products and design.

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