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Airlink to improve flight operations with Lufthansa Systems’ Lido solutions

South African passenger and cargo airline Airlink (Pty) Limited has chosen Lufthansa Systems’ flight operations products Lido Flight 4D, Lido mPilot and Lido Airport Obstacle Data Service (AODS).

The partnership with Airlink also marks Lufthansa Systems’ entry into the Southern African market.

Lido Flight 4D is a highly effective, interactive flight planning solution that Airlink will use to optimise its routes.

The solution is equipped with features including real-time data updates, weather data integration, and fuel price updates, providing accurate and up-to-date flight plans.

Airlink will also use Lido mPilot to increase the safety and efficiency of their pilots’ operations.

This all-in-one charting application offers easy access to terminal charts, a dynamically generated en route map, an Airport Moving Map, and all required operational documents.

The precise and high quality charts are generated electronically by using a worldwide geographic information database and all necessary aeronautical source data.

Furthermore, the Lido AODS solution will allow Airlink’s pilots to optimise their take-offs and landings on the electronic flight bag (EFB). It equips pilots with all required current information about a runway and airport so they can ensure that the planned runway is suitable for the aircraft type and current load.

Captain Tammy King, executive manager of operations at Airlink, said: “The additional features prioritise safety during take-offs and landings whilst focussing on optimising the economic efficiency of every aspect of our flight routings.

“Lufthansa Systems’ Lido Solutions will provide us with state of art technology to further enhance Airlink’s operational processes and procedures.”

Marco Cesa, senior vice president of regional management EMEA at Lufthansa Systems, said: “Through this partnership we not only gain a reliable partner, but also enter the South African market – a market with a lot of potential, that will open up great new opportunities for us.”

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