“Becoming more efficient”: Castle Aviation goes live with WinAir aviation management software

WinAir and Castle Aviation
MTU Maintenance

Castle Aviation has completed the implementation of, and is now live with, aviation management software WinAir Version 7.

Software implementation began amid the Covid-19 crisis using fully remote processes and procedures, WinAir noted. Cargo and private passenger airline Castle Aviation is expected to benefit from increased efficiencies across all facets of its operation and is anticipating “ongoing business growth” with the product.

MTU Maintenance

Castle Aviation currently operates and maintains a fleet comprised of eight Cessna 208B Super Cargomasters, four Piper Aerostars, one Swearingen Metroliner and six Saab 340Bs. It also offers maintenance services to support private aircraft, corporate aircraft and flight schools.

The implementation process began with WinAir fundamentals training and the initial software setup, which involved completing the aircraft compliance data loading and inventory import. Castle Aviation then proceeded with comprehensive inventory, programs, records, planning and production training in a live sandbox. The go-live stage of the implementation followed, with the support of the WinAir team.

“The smooth transition to the WinAir software system has shown to be extremely beneficial for Castle Aviation,” said Castle Aviation’s vice president and director of maintenance Dave Scheufler. “The software provides us with a way for collaborating both the maintenance and parts departments into one mainstream software platform. This collaboration will result in both departments becoming more efficient in their ability to accurately track and report the cost and materials for each aircraft on the line.”

WinAir’s business development representative Jason Street commented: “We are pleased to partner with Castle Aviation by providing them access to WinAir Version 7 to manage their daily maintenance activities. As they settle into their new facility, WinAir will continue to assist them in increasing efficiencies in all departments, improving stores room management, accelerating maintenance work steps, and most importantly, providing a reliable way to prove and maintain airworthiness. We look forward to strengthening this partnership and assisting them in achieving operational success.”

WinAir Version 7

WinAir and Castle Aviation implementation

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