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Air Partner handles first export cargo flight out of Teesside International

photo_camera Taken: 4th May 2022 Images of the hanger in Teesside International Airport. Image Byline: Dave Charnley Photography.

Air Partner has handled Teesside International Airport’s first export cargo flight.

The aviation services group recently handled some of the first inbound cargo flights into the airport.

Teesside International is attempting to establish itself as a cargo hub, following the closure of Doncaster Sheffield Airport earlier this year.

Air Partner’s team in Cologne arranged the charter following an urgent request from a German freight forwarder, that required automotive parts to be expeditiously flown to Stockholm for a global car manufacturer.

Air Partner’s vice president of global cargo Pierre Van Der Stichele said: “It was imperative that this time-critical cargo was delivered swiftly to prevent delays to the production line in Stockholm. Our communications and logistics processes offered the best solution with a Metroliner aircraft and a five-hour turnaround.”

Image: Dave Charnley Photography

In recent weeks, the company has arranged for three Cessna aircraft to fly automotive cargo into Teesside International for a global manufacturer based in the north of England, with more flights taking place in the next few days.

“As a key cargo partner to Teesside International Airport, we are ready to not only support its growth as a cargo hub, but also to support global automotive manufacturers and all other industries as an enabler of seamless export and inbound operations,” said Van Der Stichele.

The airport’s head of cargo Walter Jones commented: “Teesside International has the capacity and functionality to fulfil the demands of a growing cargo infrastructure. With the support of companies such as Air Partner, which has now successfully taken care of inbound and export cargo flights, Teesside International Airport will grow as the UK’s most centrally located cargo hub in the UK.”

Image: Dave Charnley Photography

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