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AVEM AERO flies freighter ATR72 for first time


AVEM AERO, the Estonia-based urgent air cargo charter operator, has operated its new ATR 72-500(F) (72-212A) for the first time.

The aircraft can transport over 7,400kg of cargo on each flight, with AVEM AERO stating it will strengthen its operation between Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East.

The aircraft flew for the first time from Ostrava to Vitoria Foronda on September 13, 2023 transporting automotive parts.

AVEM AERO has been running the service since 2018 with a fleet of two SAABs 340 and AN-26, but this was the first time it was operated with an ATR aircraft.

Nikolay Kurbanov, AVEM AERO’s managing director, said: “We have taken this aircraft into our fleet because it gives us new perspectives in expanding the range of services we provide to our clients.

“Compared to SAAB aircraft, the ATR takes a larger volume of cargo and flies a longer distance.

“For example, if we used to take 10 standard pallets (120*100*100) in SAAB 340, now we can take 24 pallets in ATR. This allows us to offer our clients more options.”

AVEM AERO has been operating since 2018 and deals exclusively with urgent air charter transportation.

In addition to services in Europe, the CIS, North Africa, and Asia, AVEM AERO also provides OCC services to third parties and aircraft management.

Cargo types transported by AVEM AERO include automotive, AOG, military, pharmaceutical, oversized, and sensitive cargo. The company generates 30 per cent revenue growth per year.

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