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Challenge Group boosts fleet capacity with B767-300BDSF

Challenge Group
photo_camera B767 freighter

Challenge Group has introduced the B767-300BDSF aircraft to its fleet in a move to enhance overall capacity and operational flexibility to better serve its customers worldwide.

The international air cargo conglomerate says the introduction of the B767 aircraft is part of its fleet diversification project, designed to adapt to evolving market demands and cater to specific customer requirements.

Yossi Shoukroun, chief executive of Challenge Group, said: “We are excited to welcome the B767-300BDSF to our fleet, a testament to our dedication to providing exceptional service and solutions to our customers.

“This aircraft’s enhanced efficiency and sustainability align perfectly with our mission to tackle the challenges posed by certain airport restrictions worldwide, including the 4-engine ban and noise level regulations that have been on the rise.”

Challenge Group states that B767’s arrival will empower the company to be more competitive and versatile in meeting specific customer needs, allowing for greater flexibility when less capacity is required.

This increased adaptability will also pave the way for exploring new markets, including short- and medium-haul routes within the EU, the India sub-continent, and the Middle East.

The aircraft’s volumetric ratio makes it an ideal choice for transporting commodities, making it highly suitable for e-commerce and pharma industries, where volumetric capacity is critical.

Or Zak, chief commercial officer of Challenge Group, said: “The B767’s introduction will revolutionise our ability to serve our customers better. With additional capacity and enhanced flexibility, we can offer improved frequency to our current destinations and venture into new markets, enriching our global presence significantly.”

Challenge Group states that the B767 is an addition to the existing fleet and is not replacing the B747-400 fleet, and the B777F is also expected to be introduced in the future.

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