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Menzies Aviation to provide cargo services at Angola airport

Menzies Aviation has announced a new joint venture (JV) with Sociedade Gestora de Aeroportos (SGA-SA) to deliver cargo and lounge services at Luanda International Airport (LAD).

Menzies Aviation and Sociedade Gestora de Aeroportos (SGA-SA) have agreed a new joint venture (JV) for cargo services at Luanda International Airport (LAD).

As part of the new partnership, the newly formed Menzies Angola will handle more than 30,000 tonnes of cargo each year, serving a broad range of customers including Taag-Angola Airlines, Air France, TAP Air Portugal, and Ethiopian Airlines.

Menzies Angola will also manage the VIP lounge at LAD, which serves more than 45,000 passengers each year.

SGA Angola reports to the Angolan Ministry of Transport and manages 18 airports including Angola’s main international airport, LAD.

Charles Wyley, Menzies’ executive vice president for Middle East, Africa, and Asia, said: “We are thrilled to announce our joint venture with SGA, and look forward to providing safe, secure, and reliable services to our airline customers in the region.

“Angola’s aviation industry is growing with a bright future ahead, which is why now is the opportune time to forge a strategic partnership with SGA.

“We look forward to working with SGA to provide services at Luanda International Airport, and support its transition to the new, under construction, Angola International Airport.”

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