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Silk Way West Airlines welcomes its first Boeing 777 Freighter

Silk Way West Airlines
photo_camera Credit: Silk Way West Airlines

Azerbaijan-based Silk Way West Airlines has become the newest operator of the world’s largest, longest range and most capable twin-engine freighter.

Arriving at Heydar Aliyev International Airport, the airline took delivery of its first Boeing 777 Freighter on October 03, 2023, allowing the airline to increase its capacity to meet growing cargo demand around the globe.

Fadi Nahas, vice president of Silk Way West Airlines, Americas, said: “Delivery of this aircraft marks a defining moment in our strategic plan to make Silk Way West Airlines greener, more fuel efficient, and better positioned for growth from conception to reality.

“This expansion of the fleet will open up opportunities for Silk Way West Airlines to boost the volume of flights and extend our reach to additional strategic destinations, reflecting the growing importance of our home base of Baku as a regional and global transportation hub.”

Paul Righi, Boeing vice president sales, Eurasia, said: “With the global air cargo fleet expected to grow by more than 60 per cent over the next 20 years, the unmatched efficiency of the 777 Freighter will boost Silk Way West’s capabilities and allow them to further scale their world-class cargo operations.

“We are honoured to strengthen our partnership as Silk Way West continues to build its freighter fleet.”

With a range of 9,200 kilometres, the 777 Freighter can carry a maximum structural payload of 107,000 kilograms, allowing operators to make fewer stops and reduce landing fees on long-haul routes.

The airplane’s large fuselage diameter allows carriers to transport tall and outsized cargo loads on 3-metre-tall pallets, and its main deck side cargo door is 3.72 metres wide, allowing convenient loading of taller and wider cargo.

The enhanced fuel efficiency of the 777 Freighter, along with the airline’s recent selection of the 777-8 Freighter, is said to support the carrier’s near- and long-term sustainability goals.

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