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Cargologic Germany starts operating fourth aircraft at Leipzig/Halle Airport

Cargologic Germany starts operating its fourth aircraft at LEJ

German cargo airline Cargologic Germany has received its fourth aircraft, a 737-400F.

The aircraft was transferred from Canada and has been checked by the German Federal Aviation Authority and cleared for operations.

Bearing the marking ‘D-ACLX’, the aircraft will be used to transport express freight within Europe.

Cargologic Germany is based at Leipzig/Halle Airport.

Putting the 737-400F into service marks the first stage in doubling the Cargologic Germany fleet this year, the company said.

Mitteldeutsche Flughafen’s CEO Götz Ahmelmann commented: “We’re delighted that Cargologic Germany, which is based at our airport, is continuing to grow and we wish all the crews happy landings on each occasion.”

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