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Sita and Champ Cargosystems join Global Alliance for Trade Facilitation

Sita and Champ cargosystems
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Sita and its joint venture Champ Cargosystems have chosen to join the Global Alliance for Trade Facilitation as official business partners.

The alliance is a not-for-profit collaboration of governments, international organisations and businesses. Above all, its focus is to make trade simpler, faster, more cost-effective, unlocking inclusive economic growth and tackling poverty.

It was set up to help governments implement the World Trade Organisation’s Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA). They are delivering 10 projects across Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Each project aims to create an environment where businesses can trade easily with predictable procedures, streamlined regulation and greater automation.

In becoming partners, the two companies will join some of the world’s largest retailers, manufacturers, logistics and technology companies. As these companies move or help to move goods across the globe every day, they can lend their knowledge and expertise in trade to support the Alliance’s work.

VP portfolio management at Sita, Sebastien Fabre, says: “The air transport industry is inextricably linked to sustainable global trade. IATA is forecasting that the value of international trade shipped by air next year will amount to $6.7 trillion.

“Technologies like blockchain present significant opportunities to increase widespread efficiency for the air transport industry, reduce costs and unlock further economic growth.”

Head of digital engagement and transformation at Champ Cargosystems, Stephane Noll, said: “Champ provides a comprehensive range of integrated IT solutions and distribution services for the air cargo transport chain. To be successful in this industry requires a collaborative mindset at many levels.

“It’s second nature for us to tackle operational challenges and identify and implement practical solutions. We provide greater efficiencies for air cargo businesses and keep the machinery of the global supply chain always moving. Being a member of the Global Alliance for Trade Facilitation will enable us to further harness this spirit of collaboration.”

Alliance’s director, Philippe Isler, said: “We know that 35 per cent of the value of world trade travels by air. We are keen to work with more companies in the aviation industry to see how we can make trade by air cargo as smooth and as fast as possible. Both Sita and Champ Cargosystems are going to use new technology to do that.”

Visit the Global Alliance for Trade Facilitation website for more information.

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