Coronavirus: InstaFreight offers speedy China-Europe overland transports

freight forwader coronavirus: InstaFreight

In light of the coronavirus (covid-19) outbreak, digital freight forwarder company InstaFreight has announced that it is expanding its service portfolio to meet demand and is supplementing the air and rail transports with trucks.

As of now, InstaFreight offers its customers stable overland transport for the supply chains from China to Europe and conversely, which both have been heavily impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

With this newly added service, the company upholds the supply chain and ensures that important commodities quickly make their way to Europe.

InstaFreight acts as a freight forwarder and operates a partner network of more than 12,000 transport companies in the Eurasian region via its digital platform solution, some of which are also active on the Silk Road.

The duration of transports amounts to 20-22 days, depending on the pickup and unloading location. With a surcharge, double driver-lineups can also be booked, which can once more shorten the duration by several days.

The multilingual team is already working in multi-shift operation in order to carry out the transports safely despite the current difficult situation. This includes for example vehicle changes at the Chinese borders, which are required given the present entry and exit regulations.

“As freight forwarder, it is our role in such times to be pragmatic and to find solutions to problems such as the current stagnant flow of goods from China to Europe,” says co-founder and managing director of InstaFreight GmbH, Philipp Ortwein.

Our digital product, as well as the agile structures, help us realise such solutions with an adequate promptness. For systemically relevant goods, every day counts.”

Co-founder and managing director, Maximilian Schaefer, adds: “With the expansion of our service offering we stabilise the supply chain in a phase of resumed Chinese industrial production and offer a very reasonable alternative to the at the moment very cost-intensive air and rail transports.

“Due to the backlog of airfreight shipments destined for Europe at the Chinese airports, on average we have almost the same overall runtime on the road as in the air.”

New and existing customers can send their transport request to the Berlin-based road freight forwarding company directly via email ([email protected]).

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