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DNATA becomes a full member of Cargo iQ


Global air services provider DNATA has joined Cargo iQ as a full member to benefit from the extensive knowledge and expertise that membership brings.

The Dubai-headquartered ground handler’s stations in the UK and the Netherlands were previously members on an individual basis. DNATA’s global network spans 35 countries and 88 airport ground handling and cargo stations, who will all now reap the rewards of Cargo iQ membership.

“The DNATA network has grown up fast over last few years,” said divisional VP of operations and product development Guillaume Crozier. “As we extend our network, we strive to maintain a high level of performance in all aspects, making sure all our stations match with global quality and performance standards.

“The Cargo iQ framework is well established within the air cargo industry and it makes sense for DNATA and our customers to maintain actively our level of compliance, as well as participate in the discussion to ensure the right approach.

“Our industry needs to evolve and keep innovating to ensure value for money at all levels of the supply chain. Cargo iQ fosters a culture of continuous improvement.”

Cargo iQ’s membership is made up of stakeholders from across the air cargo supply chain and every member’s cargo flows are monitored across the supply chain. DNATA wants to play its part in further improving ground handling milestones and further support the continuous improvement loop.

“We want to support our industry standards enhancement aiming for sustainable development,” said Crozier. “Measuring the same things, in the same manner, will help us to have more data and performance-driven relationships with stakeholders’ as opposed to perception-based.”

Crozier also said DNATA is looking to go even deeper into its implementation and monitoring processes and wants to actively participate in Cargo iQ group discussions.

“It is great to have the whole organisation of DNATA onboard as a full member, as they are a true global ground handling player and this will add a lot of value and further enhance Cargo iQ,” commented Cargo iQ’ s executive director Ariaen Zimmerman.

“We look forward to DNATA’s increased contributions to the initiatives that we run to help improve the movement of air cargo across the supply chain.”

Cargo iQ will organise a press conference around its upcoming AGM, where it will announce updates on its programme and launch various new initiatives at the International Air Transport Association (IATA)’s World Cargo Symposium in Istanbul, on 11 March.

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