Emirates SkyCargo increases cargo flights to cover 67 destinations

Emirates Skycargo

Emirates SkyCargo has commenced dedicated cargo flights on a scheduled basis every week to 67 global destinations across six continents.

This includes 11 destinations in the Middle East, seven in Africa, 22 in Asia, six in Australasia, 15 in Europe and six cities in the Americas.

Out of the 67 destinations, 58 are served by Emirates’ Boeing 777-300ER passenger aircraft with a cargo capacity of around 40 tonnes and 24 cities are served by the Emirates SkyCargo Boeing 777-F aircraft with the ability to uplift 100 tonnes of cargo per flight.

Emirates SkyCargo has operated over 2,500 dedicated cargo flights in the month of April. 

The air cargo carrier flew more than 1650 flights on its Boeing 777-300ER passenger freighters and over 850 flights on its Boeing 777 freighters to over 80 destinations on scheduled and special charter services. Since January 2020, the air cargo carrier has transported more than 375,000 tonnes of cargo on its flights.

London Heathrow airport has been receiving seven flights per week, including both passenger freighter and full freighter flights. However, since 1 May, the frequency of flights has been increased to ten flights a week.

More than 1,550 tonnes of food was imported into the UAE from the UK between January and April 2020. On imports, Emirates SkyCargoflights have been transporting essential supplies including fruit and vegetables, hand sanitisers and other commodities into London Heathrow.

Emirates divisional senior vice president of cargo, Nabil Sultan, said: “Over the last six to eight weeks, we have had to work innovatively and around the clock to move essential cargo to destinations where they were most needed.

‘We started with just about a dozen cities served by our Boeing 777-300ER passenger freighters at the end of March but within the space of a month, we have scaled our operations to a point where we now have more than 65 destinations as part of our network and about 85 daily cargo flights.

“Our cargo operations continue to grow, as we see strong demand and every day we work to connect more points with our flights.

“Our operations support not just the immediate relief efforts, but in a distributed global economy, they also help keep businesses and trade running.

“And as Emirates, we would also be happy to support any immediate repatriation efforts and transport passengers on our cargo flights if we receive approvals from national authorities.”

Emirates SkyCargo witnessed an increasing demand for operating charter flights during the month of April. The carrier operated more than 170 charter flights over the space of just four weeks. A majority of charter flights were operated to transport relief materials.

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