Hongyuan joins the cargo.one online marketplace to boost digital sales

Hongyuan Group air cargo capacity is to be made bookable on the cargo.one online marketplace after the companies agreed a partnership.

The Chinese operator, an established provider of cargo services between destinations in China and Europe and South America, becomes cargo.one’s first Chinese carrier.

The partnership with cargo.one will further grow its presence among freight forwarders that use the marketplace, boosting sales and digitising the sales process.

Wen Yi, business representative of the Hongyuan Group, said: “Since 2018, we have been building up air cargo services with a strong mission to open up the world for freight forwarders.

“Digital sales is an important step in offering our customers greater convenience and service quality, and cargo.one is the ideal expert partner to enable us to seize maximum potential in all our relevant markets.”

With over 20 years of professional cargo logistics service experience, Hongyuan Group is known for its high-frequency air cargo flights between China, Europe and the US.

The group owns its B747-8F and A330-200F fleet and is significantly expanding capacity to meet future air cargo demand.

Working with cargo.one means thousands of freight forwarders will gain real-time digital access to Hongyuan’s routes and rates.

Cargo-one users will be offered a new choice of instantly bookable offers and confirmation within a few minutes.

Due to its front-loaded aircraft, Hongyuan Group offers forwarders the option of booking up to six metre shipments on cargo.one’s digital booking platform.

Customers using cargo.one also benefit from booking management and collaboration functionality, combined with cargo.one’s expert customer support.

The addition of Hongyuan Group capacity reflects cargo.one’s strong diversity of supply options for all important air cargo markets.

Moritz Claussen, founder and co-chief executive of cargo.one, said: “We are proud to bolster our clear leadership for digital distribution by becoming Hongyuan Group’s partner of choice for their digital sales efforts.

“Thousands of freight forwarders using cargo.one will soon benefit from Hongyuan’s strong offerings into Asia. Hongyuan Group can now accelerate its digital sales journey and gain important ground with our established frameworks and digital best practices.”

Digital distribution is an important strategic component of Hongyuan Group’s global expansion.

Cargo.one says its team will support Hongyuan through the technological and organisational changes needed to maximize digital distribution effects.

The partnership with Hongyuan Group, its first Chinese carrier, is the latest step in cargo.one’s Asia-Pacific growth strategy.

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