IAI wins World Star Aviation cargo conversion contract

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Israel Aerospace Industries’ (IAI) Aviation Group has been awarded a contract by lessor World Star Aviation to convert ten 737-800 passenger aircraft to cargo configuration, with an option for an additional ten conversions.

The cargo conversions will take place at IAI’s partially-owned subsidiary, Bedek Lingyun (Yichang) Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (Belinco) in Yichang, Hubei Province, China, and in other locations.

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“IAI’s Aviation Group is the world’s leading conversion centre and provides wide-ranging solutions at a number of conversion centres in Israel and around the world,” said IAI Aviation Group’s executive VP & GM Shmuel Kuzi.

“The current agreement with World Star Aviation provides a solution for 737-800 aircraft, that will be converted at Belinco’s conversion centre as part of the MRO initiative in which we are partners.

“This agreement is also a result of the rising e-commerce which has increased demand for cargo jets. I am certain we will see many more similar agreements with World Star Aviation in the coming years, and we are always ready to provide top solutions in additional locations worldwide.”

World Star Aviation partner Yoram Allalouf commented: “World Star Aviation, as a full-service lessor, has a long history in aircraft conversion with IAI. We see this agreement as a strategic next step in the expansion of our global freighter fleet as part of our partnership with Oaktree Capital Management.

“We see the 737-800 as the backbone of the short haul and feeder freight services. This agreement with IAI compounds our plans to grow our narrowbody fleet and complements our widebody freight strategy.”

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