Japan Airlines Cargo agrees pharmaceutical container partnership with SkyCell

MTU Maintenance

Japan Airlines Cargo (JAL Cargo) has partnered with SkyCell to assist the airline in transporting temperature-sensitive vaccines and pharmaceuticals products.

SkyCell hybrid pharmaceutical container’s, which have been industry-accredited to have near-zero spoilage rates, will help the airline meet Japan’s need for vaccine and pharmaceutical transportation in a “safe, secure and sustainable way”, the two companies said.

MTU Maintenance

JAL Cargo’s vice president, business promotion department, Hidehiko Umehara said: “On the signing of a Master Lease Agreement, JAL and SkyCell will work in close cooperation and coordination to provide our customers with peace of mind when using SkyCell containers, which have a temperature excursion rate of less than 0.1 per cent and are capable of maintaining the required temperature range at the highest levels, and do not need electric power.”

SkyCell said its GDP compliant hybrid containers maintain internal temperature stability across the pharmaceutical industry recognised temperature ranges, without the need for external intervention – as well as shock-absorbent feet that mitigate breakages during transport and a double-door system that protects the packing against humidity.

“I see this partnership with JAL as a firm commitment from SkyCell to support the Japanese pharmaceutical market,” said SkyCell’s business development director and airline partners Chaira Venuti.

“We play a key role together in delivering life-saving medicine in the most safe, secure and sustainable way to the patients in need.”

The companies described the partnership as the first step into a “joint vision to determinedly, faithfully, and creatively increase the shipment quality of highly valuable and sensitive products”.

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