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Qatar Airways Cargo puts focus on diversity in latest chapter of ‘WeQare’ sustainability initiative

Qatar Airways Validaide

Diversity will be the focus of the next stage of Qatar Airways Cargo’s ‘WeQare’ sustainability initiative.

Chapter 4 of the initiative is “dedicated to the 2,873 diverse individuals who are the face and heart of the airline, and the main reason for its success”, Qatar Airways Cargo said.

“Strength in numbers is one thing – whether this is revenue figures or number of employees. Yet, the true strength, the core, and the success of a company is made up by the individual attitudes and aptitudes of its people,” said Qatar Airways’ chief officer cargo Guillaume Halleux.

“Naturally, since air cargo is an international business, Qatar Airways Cargo is blessed with a highly international family of employees. Our staff come from close to 100 different countries, and altogether speak more than 40 languages. We are also very diverse in age range, from 18 to 65. Every one of us at Qatar Airways Cargo comes with their individual strengths, life experiences, cultural background, and job responsibilities, yet we are all united in one goal: ensuring the success and satisfaction of our customers. That goal is achieved precisely because of our different skills and approaches. Diversity is a proven driver for positive performance, and Qatar Airways Cargo is living proof of this. WeQare’s Chapter 4 is a celebration of our diversity.”

Diversity is the latest focus topic in WeQare’s sustainability initiative centred around the environment, society, economy, and culture. It follows on from chapters in support of disadvantaged children across the globe and preserving wildlife and endangered animals, as well as an initiative to provide the free transport of one million kilos of humanitarian aid and medical equipment to charitable organisations in July 2020.

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