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Modified Iberia A330 ‘preighter’ to add extra capacity for IAG Cargo

Iberia preighter 1

Iberia has created its first A330 ‘preighter’ aircraft, which will be serviced by IAG Cargo.

The aircraft has been modified by Iberia’s maintenance team, with all economy and premium economy seats removed as well as the crew rest area and separation panels.

Carpeting was then reinstalled with lights indicating the 33 cargo positions. Cargo will be held in place with netting fastened to floor rails where the seats were anchored. The aircraft now has the capacity to carry over 200 cubic metres of cargo.

Iberia preighter

IAG Cargo said the decision to convert the aircraft came ahead of the peak holiday season for air cargo, with the preighter aircraft offering extra capacity to deliver the logistics programmes for its customers across the world.

“It’s been exciting to work with Iberia to provide this service, which will enable our customers to keep operating at optimum speed and efficiency,” said IAG Cargo’s director of Spanish hub and operations Fernando Terol Armas.

“We are seeing increasing demand from customers and shippers for a more tailored service, which is increasingly important as we approach peak season. For distant markets, air freight makes a global logistics programme possible.

“IAG Cargo has a wide network, and with the strength of five airlines, we can quickly adapt and diversify depending on our customers’ needs. This latest offering is another example of our bespoke solutions for customers across the world.”

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