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Saudia Cargo adds Boeing 747-400F freighter to fleet

Saudia Cargo - New Aircraft PIC

Saudia Cargo has added a Boeing 747-400F freighter to its fleet, bringing its total number of aircraft to seven.

The company said the new aircraft will boost the cargo and supply operations and help meet the “significant surge” on the demand for medicine, medical and preventive equipment and other similar goods.

Saudia Cargo CEO, Omar Hariri, said: “We have taken practical steps to guarantee the cargo and supply operations smooth continuity to and from the kingdom ever since the flights, excluding cargo and evacuation, were suspended due to Covid-19.

“Today, flights have been resumed but to a certain degree. Once the new freighter has been put into operation, it will increase the operation and cargo capacity and help the company meet its targets and provide logistic support to deliver urgent medical cargos to the Kingdom in order to mitigate the impact of Covid-19 as part of its continued efforts.”

The aircraft started the freighter services in September after all licenses have been obtained, flight schedules have been prepared and proper enhancements have been put in place.

Since the emergence of Covid-19 pandemic, Saudia Cargo has taken numerous measures to ensure cargo operations continue to run efficiently and that it is able to provide its logistic services.

The company increased air freight services to many global destinations and markets covering the Middle East, Europe, Africa, Asia, and the United States of America. It also announced on March 25 that the operation of passenger planes that were converted into cargo aircraft to increase capacity after complying with preventive and safety measures for crews on board.

Saudia Cargo fleet consists of seven Boeing aircraft as follows: four Boeing 777 and three Boeing 747-400F.

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