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Silk Way Airlines gains IATA CEIV Lithium Batteries Certification

Caspian and Central Asian cargo airline Silk Way West Airlines has been certified by global aviation body IATA for CEIV lithium batteries.

The CEIV Lithium Batteries Certification is a global standard developed by IATA to ensure the safe and secure handling of lithium batteries throughout the supply chain.

It was put in place to achieve standardisation and uniformity in the scope, depth, and quality of the assessments conducted.

The approval is recognition that Silk Way has implemented robust processes and best practices to mitigate relevant risks and comply with stringent requirements.

Darko Vucic, vice president, corporate quality assurance and quality control, QMS of Silk Way West Airlines, said:

“Our team has successfully passed all stages of certification and today we can proudly say that IATA recognizes Silk Way West Airlines’ lithium battery handling and transport program as applied.

“We upgraded our knowledge of IATA’s DGR manual implementing the latest standards and best practices related to the safe transport and handling of lithium batteries with further improvement of our safety performance by developing safety risk assessments specific to lithium batteries.

“The benefit for us, besides procedural improvements regarding the transport of lithium batteries, is to ensure that we continue to maintain the highest applicable.”

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