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Swiss WorldCargo unveils new product structure

Swiss WorldCargo

Swiss WorldCargo has unveiled its new commodity-focused, modular airfreight service structure.

Offering a range of tailored solutions, the new product structure gives its customers more flexibility in selecting the shipping service that best matches their cargo’s needs.

Customers can now choose from temperature-controlled options, expedited speed choices, or specialised handling for dangerous goods.

Lorenzo Stoll, head of cargo at Swiss International Air Lines, said: “From high-value goods to temperature-sensitive shipments, and everything in between, we handle every commodity with expert care and precision.

“At Swiss WorldCargo, we extend the same level of quality and dedication to all types of shipments, ensuring excellence across our entire product pallet. I’m very excited about our new offer structure, as I believe that it will bring added value to our customers thanks to the enhanced customisation opportunities that come with it.”

Swiss WorldCargo states it is committed to ensuring the highest quality for a seamless and secure journey for shipments, and giving its customers peace of mind throughout the entire transportation process.

With the new modular product structure, Swiss WorldCargo customers can now choose one of the branded products and easily combine it with one or more of the transportation solutions and add-on services to facilitate their shipment.

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