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Turkish Cargo adds Quito to its network

Global air cargo carrier Turkish Cargo is continuing to expand its flight network with the addition of Ecuador’s capital city, Quito (UIO) to its list of destinations with direct cargo flights.

The new addition to the flight network of the Turkish Cargo is not only an important cultural and financial centre, but the city also possesses significant export and import potential. Its name means “centre of the earth” in the local language, as the city is located 2,800 metres above sea level and has a steady, cool climate due to its altitude and proximity to the equator.

Thriving export market

As well as being one of the most notable flower producers in the world, Quito is home to developed textile, metal and agricultural industries. The country’s most significant exports include coffee, sugar, cacao, rice, bananas and palm oil.

The first of the Quito flights, to be operated two days a week by Turkish Cargo’s Boeing 777F freighters, was scheduled to be operated on the Istanbul–New York–Quito–Curaçao–Maastricht (ISL-JFK-UIO-CUR-MST) service this week.

In addition to the flight network of Turkish Airlines, which flies to more destinations than any other airline with 127 countries in its network, Turkish Cargo provides air cargo services to more than 300 destinations. Out of these, 89 are direct cargo flight destinations.

2023 cargo goals

Turkish Cargo operates with 24 cargo freighters, as well as being able to count on Turkish Airlines’ fleet of 358 aircraft out of its Istanbul hub, which has strategic importance as it links the continents of Europe and Asia. Describing itself as “the fastest-growing and developing air cargo brand in the world”, the airline’s stated aim is to be one of the top five air cargo carriers by 2023.

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