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MRO Management March 2021 Digital Issue

MRO Management March 2021

Hold the line. Love isn’t always on time. So opined Toto in the classic rock song. MRO providers around the world have indeed had to hold the line over the last year as they adapt to new realities brought about by the Covid-19 crisis.

That might be in the metaphorical sense of keeping operations steady in difficult times in preparation for better days ahead. Or it might be in the sense of holding line maintenance operations as the requirement for them sharply dropped. Like the love Toto sang about, many scheduled, proposed or anticipated MRO events have not occurred on time.

Our cover story explores how MRO companies have adapted their line maintenance activities in light of Covid-19 and ponders what the future might hold as aircraft begin to return to service. Despite the challenges they have faced, many providers have shared stories of positive actions, initiatives and developments, and there appears to be renewed hope for a bright future.

In our new Industry voices section, MRO leaders and subject matter experts are given a platform to share their views on a range of topics. This time, Alton Aviation Consultancy’s Jonathan Berger offers 18 “not-so-bold” but nevertheless fascinating MRO predictions for 2021, while Aviation Logistics Network’s Ralph Perkins takes inspiration from Charles Dickens to demonstrate that out of something bad such as the Covid-19 crisis, ultimately something good has to emerge.

This issue also features insights into how the grounding of Boeing’s 737 MAX might affect the commercial aviation MRO business in years to come. And with CFM’s LEAP engines powering these aircraft (and others) we offer an update on the MRO services in place for the programme.

We are also excited to bring you a pair of interviews with Skyways Technics’ CEO Benjamin Nielsen, who is ready for any challenge, and JSSI Solutions’ president Joy Nebel, who offers a compelling vision of the digital future of the industry.

I hope you enjoy reading this issue and welcome your thoughts or comments on it, as we all hold the line for a little longer as life starts to get back to normal.

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