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MRO Management May 2021 Digital Issue

MRO Management May 2021

Anyone that has not adopted the latest MRO software solutions is “already behind the curve” on maintenance planning and scheduling, according
to one commentator in this issue’s cover story.

The Covid-19 crisis has made companies even more acutely cost-conscious but, as a result, many are intently looking for solutions that can drive cost savings. There is a clear opportunity to accelerate digitalisation plans and prepare for the future by introducing modern MRO software solutions.

A compelling case for implementation is made by the companies who have contributed to the story. It is their belief that going digital – or expanding usage of the predictive and planning software already in place – will be key to attracting new business as the upturn in MRO demand begins. “Organisations that embrace new software systems will be more efficient and profitable than those that don’t,” says another commentator. “Organisations who execute better will win – it’s that simple.”

The digital acceleration trend is impacting many aspects of the aviation industry. The adoption of digitalised electronics has allowed avionics equipment to become smaller, lighter and more software-driven, for example. The avionics repair, testing and fault-finding business is
experiencing profound but gradual change as a result, and this topic is also in the spotlight in this issue.

There are other examples, too, of MRO providers turning to new ways of thinking and working to stay ahead of the curve in light of Covid-19. Nowhere is that more evident than in A320 family maintenance, as we discover how some companies have adapted their offerings in preparation for the return to service of many more of this aircraft type.

New ways of thinking will also be needed to address the shortfall in availability and training of skilled maintenance technicians. Although there are many exciting training programmes out there, on which we get some interesting insights, as aviation returns to pre-pandemic levels it could be that we will reach crisis levels again.

Elsewhere in this issue we present our regular array of interviews, news analysis and thought leadership commentary. I hope you enjoy reading it, as we strive to help you stay ahead of the curve when it comes to all things MRO.

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