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737-9 Grounding: NTSB calls for mandatory 25hr voice recorder retrofit

photo_camera FAA won't be drawn on a timeline to return grounded aircraft (File pic)

The chair of the U.S National Transport Safety Board has called for the cockpit recording time of all aircraft that have the device fitted to be increased from the current two hours to 25 hours.

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Jennifer Homendy, NTSB Chair has made the appeal to the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) on the first full day of the investigation into what happened to the Alaska Airlines Boeing 737-9 MAX that lost a door plug and part of its fuselage at the weekend, resulting in a grounding of the type.

Homendy began the report by stating that the surrounding structure was to be sent to a lab to check for fractures and deformation.

The door plug itself has now been recovered and will be the subject of analysis.


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