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Accelya aims to broaden adoption of NDC with the launch of FLX Select

by Megan Lohden

Airline software provider Accelya has launched FLX Select which it says will bring a ‘new and standardised’ approach to establishing New Distribution Capabilities (NDC) in the market.

The new technology enables airlines to remove legacy distribution and retailing constraints, improving customer experience, and creating new opportunities to drive incremental revenue.

Accelya will initially roll out FLX Select with top-performing aggregators and leading travel sellers, including Travelfusion and Navan.

FLX Select builds on Accelya’s experience developing and building NDC combining core components into a single programme that includes API partner, travel seller onboarding, and the firm’s sales portal, merchandising capabilities, and servicing.

The launch of FLX Select follows leading airline analyst T2RL reporting that Accelya has increased its NDC market leadership position, now supporting 57% of all 2023 NDC sales.

Accelya has announced modern retail partnerships with several airlines so far in 2024 and is now creating 31 billion offers a day across its FLX platform.

Accelya said it expects FLX Select to “bring the value of NDC and modern retailing to the broader airline community quickly and efficiently”.

The firm added it will attract a “wide network of global and regional travel suppliers and corporations to the service, enabling FLX Select airlines to quickly start to drive NDC bookings”.

Sam Gilliland, chief executive of Accelya, said: “Accelya’s customers are taking control of their retailing, improving distribution costs, and setting themselves up for Offer & Order transformation through our FLX Platform.

“We are delighted to bring the benefits of modern retailing to the wider industry by standardising and simplifying NDC implementation through FLX Select”

Ian Fette, vice president of engineering at Navan, said, “We are excited to partner with Accelya on FLX Select. Navan believes in NDC’s promise to benefit both airlines and passengers through modern retailing and servicing channels.

“Having a simplified and standardised NDC deployment will speed up both time-to-market and the Navan Group’s capacity to integrate with more airlines.”

Eytan Bicaci Baruh, vice president of commercial of Travelfusion, added: “Accelya is the clear leader in NDC, and we are delighted to partner with them on FLX Select, which will decomplexify NDC for more airlines, allowing them to control their distribution.

“We see that many airlines will benefit from this initiative, and we look forward to onboarding them through our valued partnership with Accelya.”

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