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Alliance Jet announces expansion to Europe


Alliance Jet has expanded operations across the Europe, opening its latest base in Malta, allowing aircraft owners to import aircraft with 0 per cent VAT and freedom of movement in EASA countries.

The Irish jet charter solutions company  and licensed ground handling agents, has taken the opportunities afforded by Brexit to, what it says, is offer more affordable terms to the region’s aircraft owners.

With Malta’s location in the middle of the Mediterranean and southernmost tip of Europe, it claims that it is a perfect location for the expanding company, which already has operations globally including Geneva Switzerland, Ireland, UAE, KSA and the US.

With an aviation history dating back to the 1920s, Malta is regarded as an ‘onshore’ jurisdiction with ‘offshore’ benefits and the best EASA register in the region.


“The timing is critical”, said Alliance Aviation Group CEO,  Brendan McQuaid (pictured above), who is optimistic that 2021 will see the charter requests rise again to pre covid levels.

“If aircraft owners want to move within Europe, they cannot without an EASA register so we have seen this as an opportune time to capitalise on a changing economic and political situation in the region.”

Private aircraft owners are permitted to register their aircraft using an AOC operation and can pay 0 per cent VAT while still operating in Europe.

“Malta’s corporate tax system allows for non-resident aircraft owners and brokers, so we see this not only as an opportunity for us, but for the industry, which needs as much support as possible in the wake of the pandemic,” added McQuaid.

“We have the expertise and finance and feel confident that we can support both the aircraft operators and jet charter brokers as we move beyond this period.”


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