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Dubai Airshow: Riyadh Air to run Lufthansa Systems’ cloud-based package

Lufthansa Systems and Riyadh Air, a new national airline in Saudi Arabia, have signed a contract to implement an integrated operational suite from Lufthansa Systems including the software Lido Flight 4D, NetLine/Ops ++, NetLine/Crew and NetLine/HubControl.

Peter Bellew, COO at Riyadh Air said: “As a digitally native airline, we require effective technological solutions that allow us to run an efficient and sustainable business. This agreement with Lufthansa Systems clearly demonstrates our continued progress towards our first flight in 2025 and is a significant building block in our operational readiness.”

Riyadh Air is a new airline, dubbed as the Middle Eastern country’s ‘second flag carrier’ and scheduled to start operations from mid-2025. As a new carrier, it doesn’t have the issue of having to transition from legacy systems and can immediately start with fully digitised solutions


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