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New study shows that pilots value long-term career paths

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A new study has revealed that six out of 10 pilots would consider a new role because training delays, development plans and job security are impacting their career decisions.

Conducted in July and August 2023, AeroProfessionals’ Pilot Hiring report, illustrates that in 2023 only one in 10 pilots continued flying with the airline they worked for in 2022.

Based on survey responses from more than 540 captains and first officers, pilots are looking for long-term career development, protected rostering, and job security.

Sam Sprules, managing director of AeroProfessional, said: “Demand for pilots is sky high, as 60 per cent of pilots we asked had received job offers from more than one airline.

“Retention, retention, retention is front of mind for all senior executives in the airline industry.”

AeroProfessional states that levels of discontent cannot be put down to seeking higher salaries, as the analysis shows that less than one in four pilots move for higher salaries alone.

Furthermore, delays to pilot retraining, for those switching airlines, is increasing with many pilots now waiting upward of four weeks before their retraining commences.

Sprules added: “AeroProfessional’s guide to creating a compelling Employee Value Proposition (EVP) highlights how employers can attract and retain the best talent.

“As passenger demand continues to grow, even greater pressures will be placed on airline schedules.

“Airlines need to look beyond pilot pay and develop robust EVPs, that appeal to candidates long-term. Tackling pilot churn is vital.”

The new research is shared following the recent release of AeroProfessional’s latest report: Employee Value Proposition: The Complete Guide to Creating Your EVP in the Aviation Industry.


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